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©Alexandre Dieval, Evol.
A selection of images from the series Evol, published in the Sang Bleu #5  magazine.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The SAMO© Graffiti

The SAMO© Graffiti appeared in New York at the end of the Seventies and begining of the Eighties, in two phases. The second phase was solo work by Jean-Michel Basquiat. The first phase was an anonymous effort by the team of Basquiat, Al Diaz, and Shannon Dawson. Basquiat was the team's driving force. Flynt photographed the first phase, taking the photos in 1979 without knowing who the graffitists were.

basquiat & warhol

keith haring.

louise bourgeois.

"I got peace of mind, only through the study of rules nobody could change."